They Put the Heart in ‘Heartstopper’ (2023)



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Kit Connor and Joe Locke discuss the pressure of expectations and how the global success of their Netflix hit, returning Aug. 3, has changed their lives.

They Put the Heart in ‘Heartstopper’ (1)

By Erik Piepenburg

Kit Connor and Joe Locke sat on a plump bordello-red couch at the Manhattan headquarters of Netflix. It was June, and they were in town to talk about their roles as the leading sweeties on “Heartstopper,” Alice Oseman’s romantic dramedy series about queer British high schoolers that begins its sophomore season on Netflix on Aug. 3.

When “Heartstopper” debuted in April 2022, its fate was anybody’s guess. “Euphoria,” “Elite” and other shows with teen queer characters lured eyeballs with sex and bad behavior. “Heartstopper” offered its audience mellow dramatics and an understanding that puppy love is universal. “Just queer people being,” as Connor put it.

It paid off. “Heartstopper” made the Netflix Top 10 — a list of the service’s most-watched shows in a given week — in 54 countries, and its first-season numbers were good enough to get the show renewed for two more. To date on TikTok, #heartstopper has 10.7 billion views and counting. Readers also gobbled up the source material: Oseman’s best-selling graphic novels and original webcomic, which now has over 124 million views. In April, Oseman announced that a fifth graphic novel was set to publish in November, with a sixth in the works.

So my first question was: How has the “Heartstopper” phenomenon changed the lives of the two actors at its center?

“The easier question is how hasn’t this changed our life?” Locke said.

He wore a cream-colored cardigan with elegant vertical caviar beading plus skinny jeans and black sneakers, looking a lot like how his character, the misfit naïf Charlie, might dress if he were on a class trip to New York. Connor wore a blousy turquoise top and wide-legged black pants over what looked like flamenco heels — an elegant ensemble that his character, Nick, who is Charlie’s anxious jock boyfriend, would be aghast to find in his closet.

Now 19, as is Connor, Locke said he’s had to grow up fast but in exchange got a platform to “normalize queerness.” Example: Days after our interview, Locke posted on Instagram a photo of himself wearing a “Trans Rights Are Human Rights” T-shirt on a float in D.C.’s Pride parade, an image that his 3.5 million followers have showered with over a million likes.


“There’s a big push in our world at the moment to take away young queer people’s autonomy,” Locke said. “It’s beautiful to be part of a show that really pushes and loves that young queer people can be in charge of their own fates.”

And Connor?

“I’m a bit more confident in myself in a very open sense, about who I am, what I can do, the way that I hold myself and the people I spend my time with,” he said. “I have a lot more pride.”

But then we started talking about coming out, and the mood in the room shifted, fast. Last year, Connor came out on Twitter as bisexual, saying he felt forced to do so after some fans accused him of queer-baiting.

“Telling someone you’re gay or bi or part of the queer community, there’s a thing where you feel like they might see you differently or think that it would change who you are,” he said. “For me, it’s just who I am. Coming out didn’t change me.”

He’s cool with being called queer, he said, explaining that it is “more freeing in a way, less about labels.”

Locke, who also identifies as queer, jumped in: “I think coming out is stupid, that it’s still a thing that people have to do.” He said he briefly came out at 12 on Instagram before reconsidering.

“I had just told my mum, and I was on top of the world,” he said. “I quickly realized I was ready to tell my mum but I was not ready to tell the world. So I quickly deleted it and said my Instagram had been hacked. I went back in the closet for three years. I retold all my friends and they’re like, ‘Yeah, you told us two years ago.’”

And now that he’s out-out and playing gay on “Heartstopper”? Locke glanced down and fingered his rings.

“Twelve-year-old me would be very proud, and terrified,” he said.

He paused to let tears collect in his eyes. “I’m getting emotional,” he whispered. Connor watched him. The room was still. “I’ve never thought about it in that sense before,” Locke continued, “which is weird because I’ve thought about the show a lot.”

After a few seconds, he said softly: “It’s great.” He wore a teeny grin.


Queer pride, quick-fire emotions, happy tears, supportive mums: It’s like these guys are on “Heartstopper” or something. Thea Glassman, the author of “Freaks, Gleeks and Dawson’s Creek: How 7 Teen Shows Transformed Television,” said the series is rich in a rare commodity for contemporary teen television: “unapologetic sweetness.”

“It’s about kindness and positivity and acceptance, and as teens, that’s all you’re looking for,” she told me. “As adults, that’s all you’re looking for.”

The new season focuses on Nick and Charlie’s couple stuff: sharing a bed during a class trip to Paris, navigating hickey shame, coming out about their relationship. There is still no sex or even under the shirt stuff, though — there is no second base in “Heartstopper.”

There is also a character who is asexual (as is Oseman) and new transgender characters that Locke said he hopes will help transgender kids understand “that there are still people in the world who have their backs.”

Locke and Connor were very aware that expectations from fans, Netflix and industry watchers are considerable now that the show is a global hit. The pressure, Locke said, is “terrifying.”

But if they were antsy about it, it didn’t show in their relaxed rapport and modest demeanors. Connor, who grew up in Croydon in South London, comes across as grounded and affable, and he speaks with considered thoughtfulness, like he actually took notes during media training.

Locke has Charlie’s gentle deportment but with the soft edge of a cool-kid wise guy. As our conversation turned to their own education, Connor mentioned that he “wasn’t one of those people who thrived at school,” and sheepishly said he got a B in drama. When he finished, Locke leaned over, cracked himself up and said into my recorder: “You don’t need school, kids. He got a B in drama.”

Locke said a sharp tongue is one way he protected himself while growing up on the Isle of Man. “People knew not to give me [expletive],” he said.


As for what’s next, Connor is set to star in a new horror-thriller, “One of Us,” and Locke recently shot “Agatha: Coven of Chaos,” Marvel’s “WandaVision” spinoff. The stage beckons: Locke wants to be in a Broadway musical, Connor would do Shakespeare in London. If they had free time, Connor would hang with friends in a park. Locke wants someone to make him brunch.

As our conversation ended, I asked both men where they’d like their characters to be in 20 years.

“The hope would certainly be that they’re still together,” Connor said softly, looking at Locke as if to get approval.

“I think they would be,” Locke replied, glancing back.

“They’re meant for each other,” Connor said.

“They’d have some children, a family,” Locke said.

“Happy would be nice,” Connor said.

“Yeah,” Locke said, again with that grin. “Just happy.”

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Is Kit and Joe dating in real life? ›

Are Joe Locke and Kit Connor dating from Heartstopper? Are Joe Locke and Kit Connor dating from Heartstopper? The answer is no. In an interview with Digital Spy in May 2022, Kit confirmed that he and Joe are “very good friends,” which helped when they had to perform intimate scenes as Nick and Charlie.

Why is there no swearing in Heartstopper? ›

"The comics are definitely YA [young adult] – mid-teens, older teens – but [with] the show, we wanted it to be accessible to young teens and tweens, which is why there's no swearing, for example," she revealed.

What is the message of Heartstopper? ›

The idea of sanctuary is an intrinsic part of Heartstopper, a show about finding safety, comfort, and joy in relationships and physical spaces.

Have they started filming Heartstopper Season 2? ›

Back in September 2022, Netflix announced that Heartstopper season 2 had officially started production, and only seven months later, the official release date for the sophomore season was revealed by none other than series stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor.

Is Kit Connor single 2023? ›

As of August 2023, all signs point to Kit Connor being single.

How old is Kit Connor? ›

What is Tori Spring's mental illness? ›

Since SOLITAIRE was published, Tori Spring has been called many things. She has been called an overdramatic, silly teenage girl. She has been called whiny and annoying. She has been diagnosed with severe depression, has been pronounced mentally ill, and I have been lauded for my portrayal of depression in young adults.

What is inappropriate in Heartstopper? ›

One trigger warning: There is an f slur uttered by an unkind student. There are also a couple of nonconsensual kisses.

What mental illness does Charlie have in Heartstopper? ›

He is the only person allowed to call his sister 'Victoria' rather than 'Tori', and is the only person to do so occasionally (not counting Lucas and Michael.) He suffers from OCD, anorexia, anxiety and depression throughout the course of Heartstopper and Solitaire.

Is the Heartstopper book inappropriate? ›

Their love is the most precious thing in the world. As for “iffy stuff” there's some swearing, a tad of underage drinking and a punch scene. Nick and Charlie have a conversation about sex, and Nick gives Charlie a hickey (or a love bite, idk if it's a British thing or smth?)

Do they kiss in Heartstopper? ›

The third episode of Heartstopper, titled "Girls", is a pivotal moment in the series that captures the first kiss between Charlie and Nick. Walking home from school in the rain, Nick stops and turns to Charlie, asking if he would kiss someone who wasn't a girl, and specifically, if he would kiss Nick himself.

Why is everyone obsessed with Heartstopper? ›

The portrayal of love. Not only does Heartstopper serve up a MLM teen romance for the ages, but it gives equal respect and care to different types of relationships. It celebrates the importance of love between parents and children, siblings, friends and self. None are conveyed as less important than the other.

Do Charlie and Nick break up? ›

So the duo stayed together through everything and never broke up once.

Do Nick and Charlie break up in season 2? ›

In the new season, Charlie and Nick remain blissfully in a relationship, though the pressure of Nick coming out to the world feels much more daunting than he anticipated.

What year is Heartstopper set in? ›

However, Heartstopper is written and drawn to be in a floating timeline (the series depicts modern technology, films, T.V. series, books, social media, video games, and other media that did not exist in 2010-2011). Therefore, the year 2010 is used as a placeholder for the beginning of the timeline.

Is Kit Connor in a relationship with Joe? ›

The short answer is no, they're not dating. While Kit and Joe are indeed on-screen boyfriends, alas their romantic relationship ends there. Kit confirmed as much to Digital Spy back in May 2022, saying that they're just 'good friends.'

Does Kit have a gf? ›

Who Is Kit Connor's Girlfriend? Connor has never opened up on his love life to the public yet. However, in an interview with Digital Spy in May 2022, Kit confirmed that he is not seeing anyone at the moment.

Who has Joe from you dated? ›

Karen Minty

Viewers were introduced to Karen, a friend of Joe's neighbor Claudia, in Season 1 of You. She shared a series of dates with Joe but their short-lived romance ended when he cheated on her with Guinevere Beck, who he was obsessed with.

Is love married to Joe? ›

Netflix released the official trailer for the second half of You season 4 on Wednesday, revealing the return of Joe's very dead wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), from the second and third seasons. The surprising resurrection(?)

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